Achieving results, right Now!

Providing comprehensive psychological care for your unique needs

Achieving results, right Now!

Providing comprehensive psychological care to address your unique needs

A Trusted and Experienced Psychotherapist Who Cares About You and Your Goals

Welcome to Dr. Michael Smith, PhD

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"With your commitment, and my expertise and caring, we'll get the results you want."

As a psychologist with many years of experience, I bring competence and dedication to my work as a therapist, and I believe in creating an environment of safety, ethical behavior, and support.
Working in the field of psychology since 1974, in a wide variety of settings, there is very little that I have not seen or worked with. Though trained in all of the major types of psychotherapy in the field of psychology, I continue my studies and training, to stay current and to innovate and add to the field.

Though trained as a traditional clinical psychotherapist, I incorporate many other modalities, such as EMDR , mindfulness training and enneagram into my sessions. My focus is on developing a deep rapport with and understanding of my client's deepest needs, at whatever level, and speaking to those.

My meditation practice of many years has afforded me the clearest understanding of the mind that I have ever found, along with profound insight into the process of psychotherapy. My specialty is combining clinical and transpersonal psychology, with an emphasis on finding happiness and effectiveness in one's life.

Insurances Accepted:

  • Rocky Mountain
  • Medicare
  • Community Care and Value Choice of the VA

To set up an appointment or receive additional information, please contact me today. I look forward to working with you.

Email: [email protected] (preferred) Phone: (303)746-7364 Fax: (303) 651-7158

2919 17th Avenue, Suite 214,
Longmont, CO 80503

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 10:00–5:00.


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Professional Education & Experience

Education & Experience


B.A., Clinical Psychology, University of North Texas, Denton.

M.S., General-Experimental Psychology and Counseling (double major);
M.A., Transpersonal Psychology; Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA.

Ph.D., Clinical & Transpersonal Psychology, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA.

Professional Experience

Wm Michael Smith, Ph.D., LLC • Licensed Psychologist, Private Practice, CO and CA

Longmont, CO
Work with individuals, couples, families, and businesses
Specialties include: anxiety and depression, trauma/post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar and schizophrenia, substance abuse, and relationship therapy.
The clinical approach combines elements of behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic, somatic, humanistic, transpersonal, EMDR, and brief therapies.
Licensed in Colorado and California
Private practice, 1991–present

Consultant to Long-Term Care and Rehab Facilities

Evaluate and provide the full range of psychological services to geriatric, head-injured, and chronically ill clients in long-term care and assisted living settings.
Provide psychological assessments and reports
Medication information
Treatment Planning
Emergency Services
Individual and family therapy
Staff training
January 1999 to July 2016

President, Avalon International, Center for Executive Coaching and Organizational Development

Provided the full range of growth services to executives and companies
Coaching, team building, conflict resolution, communication skills, growth strategies, and leadership training
Consulted on organizational development, diversity training, and change management
Consulted with all levels of executives in Silicon Valley, CA and the Front Range for thirteen years
1986 to 1999

Contract Clinical Psychologist, Center for Neurological Rehabilitation, Denver, CO

Provided a full range of psychological services to geriatric and head-injured clients in long-term care and assisted living settings
Conducted in-service trainings, family consultations, and staff briefings.
Provided psychological evaluations and treatment plans
Worked in liaison with the treatment team

Co-Chair, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Department, Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO

Responsible for sharing the administrative duties of coordinating and running all aspects of the department
Held positions on Institute-wide committees
Taught classes to graduate students and interns in basic and advanced counseling skills, mind/body healing, transformational psychology, addictions, and clinical internship supervision

Faculty Member, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA
Teaching in the Ph.D., M.A., and Global degree programs
Designed, introduced, and taught the Body Oriented Psychology program
Courses taught include: Proseminar in Somatic Psychology, Mind/Body Healing, Principles of Mindfulness, Intensive Journal Process, Clinical Skills, Optimal Wellness, Vipassana Meditation, Overview of Body Therapies-basic and advanced, Psychology of the Body, Breathwork, Buddhist Meditation and Psychotherapy, Process-Oriented Psychotherapy, and others

Clinical Coordinator, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA
Coordinated internship sites and placements
Advised students concerning courses and internships
Investigated and counseled students regarding ethical violations
Revised institutional clinical guidelines

CO-Founder/Administrative Coordinator for the Global Degree Program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Lead role in the creation and administration of the Global Program
Designed and executed the residential intensives
Handled all marketing and program development
Produced the curriculum

Guest lecturer at Stanford University, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, and Foot Hill College
Year-long Fellowship in Human Development at San Jose State.
Lectured in various topics in clinical/transformational psychology and human development

Counselor, Second Offender Responsible Driver Program, Occupational Health Services, Redwood City, CA
Conducted weekly group therapy sessions and individual sessions for D.U.I. second offenders'
Taught principles of recovery, dangers of intoxication, effects on health and relationships, and methods of restitution

Counselor, San Mateo Receiving Home, a group home for juveniles, ages eight to eighteen, San Mateo, CA
Crisis and adjustment counseling with court placed juveniles; both individual and group
Supervised activities of daily living
Managed runaway and violent residents
Worked in liaison with social workers, psychiatrists, and police

Staff Therapist, Center for Counseling and Developmental Services, Ft. Worth, TX
Training and supervision in individual, couples, family, and group therapy
Co-lead groups for both individuals and couples

Unit Psychologist, Denton State School, a residential institute for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill, Denton, TX
Responsibilities included the delivery of the full range of psychological services to 250 plus patients in eight buildings
Hired and supervised a staff of fourteen and was an acting unit director in my manager’s absence
Psychometric evaluations, report writing, and presentations
Designed and implemented sophisticated behavioral programs
Taught behavior therapy to staff and parents, providing individual and family counseling, heading the school's psychiatric emergency team and serving on several committees; member of a six-person statewide committee chosen to write the behavioral care, aggressive client management, and treatment guidelines for all residents and MHMR institutions in the state of Texas.
1974–75 & 1976–1981

Chief Therapist, Schick Center for the Control of Smoking and Weight, Houston, TX
Custom tailored the individual behavioral therapy programs for smoking and weight loss clients
Wrote therapy guidelines for both the weight loss and smoking cessation programs for the corporate office
Lead educational groups
Behavior Therapy Internship, Center for Behavioral Studies, Denton, TX
Extensive training and supervision in sophisticated behavioral technology with Dr. Donald Whaley, a nationally recognized expert in the field of behavior therapy
Client population included adults, juveniles, pre-schoolers, and autistic children; many with dual diagnoses


Using EMDR in Couples Therapy Boulder Chapter of EMDR, 2000
Adjustment Issues in Long Term Health Care: a primer for prospective patients and their families, The Villas At Sunny Acres, Denver, 2/2000
Principles of Effective Leadership; Leadership Development and Entrepreneurship, Small Business Development Center, Westminster Center, 1998-2000
Navigating the Communication Minefield in Consulting, Alliance of Professional Consultants, 1999
Overcoming Obstacles to Growing Your Business, Marketing BootCamp for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Companies, 1997-2000
Overcoming Impasse and Working with Difficult Clients in Mediation, Boulder County Association of Mediators, 1999
Finding a Way: Integrating All of Who You Are Into Creating a Successful Business, BootCamp for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Companies, 1996-1998
Mind Body Healing, Behavioral Healthcare Council State Conference, 1998
Staying Engaged With ‘Life’ Association of Transpersonal Psychology (Smith and Rose), 1995
Body Therapies as part of the Transformational Process and Befriending Your Emotions: Mindfulness and Feelings, Association of Transpersonal Psychology Annual Conference, 1993
Integrating Meditation and Psychology, Association of Transpersonal Psychology Annual Conference, 1991.
Continuity in Behavior Therapy Programming, Conference on Behavior Therapy, 1980
Group Aversive Programs, Texas Association on Mental Deficiency, 1979
Handling Aggressive/Combative Clients, Texas State Community Conference, 1979


Psychology of the Body (Module/Book) Global Studies Program at I.T.P., 1983 and 1997

Licenses and Certifications

Licensed Clinical Psychologis CO & CA
Certified Advanced Professional Consultant, Alliance of Professional Consultants, Denver, CO
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (E.M.D.R.), Certified at the advanced level, Dr. Francine Shapiro, 1991
Certified in Cranial-Sacral Therapy, advanced level, Dr. Martin Allen, instructor for Dr. Viola Fryman.
Certified Massage Therapist, State of California
Certification in Hendricks' Body-Centered Therapy and Relationships Work and former Trainer, Hendricks' Institute
Certified in Jin Shin Do, intermediate level, Dr. Aminah Raheem
Certified Psychosynthesis Training Guide, Dr. Victoria Tackett and the Center for Counseling and Developmental Services

Stress Reduction/Mindfulness Training

Developing Mindfulness in Daily Life, (Developed by Michael Smith, 1988 to present)
Dzogchen Buddhist Training, Kyabjé Sogyal Rinpoche, H.H. Dilgo Khyentse, 1983–present
Kriya Yoga, Dr. Roy Eugene Davis, 1994–1995
Taoism and Nei Kung, Grand Master Zhang, Master Mantak Chia, Dr. Miriam Lee, and Dr. Ken Pang, 1989–present
Vipassana Meditation; Rena Sircar, Christopher Titmus, James Baraz, and Jack Kornfield, 1983–1991
Shamanism, Harley Swiftdeer, Dr. Angeles Arrien, and Michael Harner, 1981–1994
Aikido, Doran Sensei, 1981–1988, Ikeda Sensei 2003–2005, Izawa Sensei 2006
Sufism, Dr. Jim Fadiman, 1981–1984
Yoga and Transcendental Meditation, Swami Barbara Koch, 1969–1981


Seven-year intensive training in Vajrayana Buddhism, and the application to Western psychotherapy, 2007 to 2014.
Advanced training in Zero Balancing, Trager, deep tissue massage, physical conditioning (weight training, stretching, and aerobic activities), Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Process Oriented Psychology
Advanced training in complementary therapies, including nutritional supplements, herbal preparations, and alternative medical therapies, 1968 to present
Advanced training in Enneagram studies, 1981 to 1996, and member of a professional study group, 1989 to 1996.
Official Member of Comprehensive Diagnostic and Evaluation Team, T.D.M.H.M.R., State of Texas
Hold rank in four styles of martial arts: Aikido, two styles of karate, Client Management, and Model Mugging
Developmental EMDR, 2-day training, Boulder, CO 3/2000
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Franklin Covey Three day training, 6/2000
Leading Edge Program, Training in all aspects of business development with an emphasis on business plans, Small Business Development Center, 1998
PAIRS Course for Intimacy in Relationships, Six-month training in relationship enhancement and conflict resolution, Boulder, 1997–1998
Fast Track Program, Training in management, finance, business development, marketing, and personnel issues, Boulder Chamber of Commerce, 1997

What I Offer

My Unique Offering

 A bit about my work and how it is unique...

I began my early years as a Southern Baptist, and from there, I developed an interest in world religions, taking me into in-depth studies in Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Shamanism, Sufism, Taoism, and most extensively, Buddhism. As a Buddhist practitioner, I began with Theravada, went into Zen, and in 1983 settled into Vajrayana/Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibetan Buddhist practice has afforded me the clearest understanding of the mind that I have ever found and is profoundly applicable to psychology and psychotherapy. Having done my own personal work, as well as studied the great philosophies and world religions, I speak from both knowledge and experience and serve as an informed guide.

I taught at the graduate level for thirteen years and I deeply understand the field and what works. Some of the courses that I taught were: Pro Seminar in Somatic Psychology; Mind/Body Healing; Principles of Mindfulness; Intensive Journal Process; Clinical Skills; Optimal Wellness; Vipassana Meditation, Overview of Body Therapies-basic and advanced, Psychology of the Body; Breathwork; Buddhist Meditation and Psychotherapy; Process-Oriented Psychotherapy; Basic Counseling Techniques; Transpersonal Psychology; and Internship Supervision and Ethics.

I offer my clients a unique psychotherapeutic experience based on my lifelong synthesis of clinical psychotherapy and the insights of the perennial wisdom teachings of the world’s great spiritual traditions. Because of this, I am able to bring together both traditional therapy and very powerful and effective alternative therapies.

These therapies include such things as EMDR, Enneagram, somatic therapies, mindfulness, Vajrayana practices, and principles of Aikido. While I do not automatically include these in all psychotherapy, we can discuss which of these additional modalities interest and may work best for you.


Former Clients:


"There have actually been profound changes in my life since I worked with you. Not a coincidence. Your assistance was transformational. Our dialog and the exercises you shared with me allowed me to calm my overly busy mind. I was able to move beyond the anxiety that was paralyzing me and achieve goals-goals that previously had felt were unobtainable-in both my career and personal life."

M.E. Stylist

"After breaking my ankle, I suffered from vivid reoccurring images of the accident. Two sessions with Dr. Smith's EMDR treatment stopped the memories, and helped me through the healing process. Amazing!”
“And… When I returned to school after almost 30 years, I dredged up some old fears about failing tests. In just four or five sessions with Dr. Michael Smith and his EMDR technique, I stopped freezing up during tests and exams. I'm a much more successful student today than I was in high school! In fact, I graduated with honors!"

W.P. Retired

"When I engaged Dr. Michael Smith for help with a very difficult marital relationship, he was instrumental in clarifying my confusion about the roles both my spouse and I were playing out dynamically within that troubled relationship. Because of his skill and expertise, I was able to recognize my own obstacles to finding peace and find resolve. I'm secure in my discovery of how to take care of myself, and live compassionately.
Thank you, Dr. Michael Smith, for your direction in counseling, your compassion, skill, and understanding."

Colleagues & Mentors:

— Angeles Arrien, Teacher, Author, The Four Fold Way

“Michael is an exceptional man, one whom I am privileged to know. He brings enormous integrity, humor, insight, wisdom, and spirit to all of his endeavors. As a teacher, Michael combines all of these qualities to inspire deep growth and change in his students. Probably, Michael's greatest contribution is to embody the teachings in a way that inspires everyone around him. Michael combines the skills of teacher, leader, manager and creator, with the deep quiet steady path of personal growth. It is my honor to recommend this man and his work to you. “

— Gay Hendricks Ph.D., Author, Consultant

"Michael Smith..... is a warm, deeply compassionate person with an absolute commitment to facilitating the well being of people with whom he works. Perhaps the highest compliment I can pay him is that I have invited him to teach portions of my own workshops.“

— David Daniels, M.D., Psychiatrist @ Stanford, Author

"I have known Dr. Smith for over a decade. Dr. Smith is a talented teacher and brilliant therapist. I have seen him demonstrate and perform his work, which integrates psychotherapy, somatic therapy, and transpersonal work, elegantly, thoughtfully, and with great respect and knowledge. Dr. Smith is a true student of human behavior in all its aspects. His training includes several Eastern practices, somatic or body therapies, and psychotherapy. He integrates these beautifully with sensitivity and regard for his clients. He is a friend both of scientific psychology and transpersonal psychology.
Among Dr. Smith's superb qualities are integrity, dedication and a broad range of knowledge in psychology. He is mature, thoughtful, and compassionate. He has no weakness as a teacher or therapist. I do know that Dr. Smith is well organized, capable of taking responsibility, good at setting limits, and a skilled communicator. I recommend him without reservation and with enthusiasm."

Business & Coaching:

Joe Pariseau, Director, Small Business Development Center

"I highly recommend Dr Michael Smith’s coaching to you. With his years of experience and knowledge of both the worlds of business and the process of change, he brings an enormous advantage to anyone who chooses to work with him."

John Montgomery, Lawyer

"Score one in the win column for the coaching of Dr Michael Smith. Enclosed is a check, which is probably the best value I have ever gotten from my money in my life. You were positively amazing and your words and insights worth their weight in gold."

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To set up an appointment or receive additional information, please contact me today. I look forward to serving you.